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    3-in-1 : Anti Aging-Detox- Slim


    • High Pure Content of HYDROLYZED MARINE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES per packet and formulated with 10 potent Ingredients.

    • 10.000mg HYDROLIZED MARINE COLLAGEN for skin, muscles, and bones

    • 100 mg Hyaluronic Acid for Glowing Skin, and Natural Vitamin C, Vital in collagen synthesis

    • Biotin for Lustrous Hair, strong nails

    • Natural Extract’s blueberry & Raspberry Super Vitamins and Phytonutrients

    • Glutathione the Master Antioxidant, for Energize, Detox, and Slim

    • Coenzyme Q10 Popular Anti-age, and Resveratrol Super Youth

    • Our Marine Collagen has LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT of 1500 daltons, for a super-absorption

    • Astaxanthin Stronger than Vitamin E, Reduce Wrinkles

    • Our Marine collagen peptides derived from fish scales is Non-GMO, Free heavy metals, free artificial flavoring, free preservatives, free sugar, free gluten, organic 100% Natural.


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